Saturday, July 14, 2012

Video of Nova Scotia - 2

Another video of the trip!
Boarding the ferry, Cabot Trail views, and clips from the International Tattoo in Halifax

Nova Scotia Trip Video - 2

Monday, July 9, 2012

Map of Route

Here is the final map of the route. 2,215 miles 

Blue Hill Maine

Back to the US and no more figuring out km/MPH, currency, and leaving well mannered drivers!
Meandering through the secondary roads of Maine was nice, but tiring. Always being aware of possible deer crossing the road kept the speed down. Although more tiring, the roads are filled with little country towns that pop out of nowhere. Here we found and antique sign shop!
And Ruth liking the front seat, oh, oh....

Finding our way to Blue Hill, the inn was perfect for a final 'on the road' stay. The B&B atmosphere was wonderful. Sarah was a perfect hostess and Blue Hill Maine is one of those little lakeside towns that are off the beaten path and that is exactly why folks like it.
On our way home Sunday, we stopped by the farm where the beef comes from for the restaurant at the B&B.
The owner is an avid biker himself, but no one was home. Did manage to get some pictures of the welcoming committee/visitor alarm!

Final riding day was long. Fighting traffic as we got closer to Boston was tough with all the holiday traffic heading back to Massachusetts. All in all, it was a great trip! All the hotels, B&B's, motels, cottages we stayed at was perfect for the exact part of the trip. Ruth and I met some wonderful people! 
Funny, how when you are on a motorcycle, people always seem to come over and talk. If we were in a car, it would have been so different. Maybe it seems motorcycle riders are more approachable. We had a great time and the total milage for the trip (door to door) was 2,215. Good primer trip for a cross country excursion! 

Heading back to the US

On our way to Digby to catch the ferry home, no trip to Nova Scotia is complete without a stop by Mahone Bay and Luenburg! Great little towns, somewhat touristy but in a quaint way.
The night before the ferry ride back to the US from Digby we stayed at a great little eclectic place just across the harbor from Digby so we could be on the 8:00am ride. The Hedley House is a nice place to end a day on a motorcycle. Very accommodating. The inn keeper, was this great woman that was very colorful and outgoing, a fun person to be around! I would recommend this place if you are looking for a stop over to get to other parts of the province.

   The morning getting ready to leave. (6:30), it was pouring rain! This is the view from the room looking across the harbor at Digby.

What a sendoff! Again, the inn keeper (I didn't get her name) was a gracious hostess and made a a small breakfast available at 6:45 for us. As I mentioned she is a 'fun' person, here it was 6:45am, down pouring rain outside, sitting in our rain gear, dark and dismal outside, and suddenly, from the kitchen area, a song comes on, loud and she is singing along with the music! It brought a smile to our face on such a dismal day!
The ferry ride was nice. Met other bikers and talked a bit about rides, where folks were from and just general banter.
After a almost 3 hour ride, Saint John NB was overcast but not raining.
Our trusty captain guided the ship in effortlessly!
According to the GPS the ferry moves at approx. 17 mph. I was disappointed that the GPS icon didn't change to a little ship, but oh well, maybe in the next upgrade!
The rest of the day was making our way back to the US and down to Blue Hill Maine to our final stop before heading home Sunday. The weather went from light rain, to very hot! If you thought New England weather changed quickly, Nova Scotia is on steroids in that department! All the while the bike was performing perfectly. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ferry ride back to the mainland tomorrow!

Catching up on two days! Didn't have much to update yesterday. We traveled back from Beddeck to Halifax in about 4 hour 1/2 hours. About 2 hours Into the trip it rained. We had already had the rain gear on so it wasn't much of an event. Just drop the mph down about 10 and cruise in to Halifax. Saryed at the westin this time. Wanted to try different accommodations at each stop. Back in Halifax Ruth needed her ice cream fix!

Also stopped by the Harley dealer inHalifax to get the t-shirt. Good thing I brought many cameras! Some didn't work as planned, another kept going through batteries. The camera we took the most pictures today was not the right format for the iPad, so I will upload them once we return.

Today we made the trek from Halifax to Digby. Ran into some Rain again for about 20 minutes. Just enough to be a slight bother, nothing more. Heard today that someone on the Cabot Trail died yesterday with a run in with a deer. With little to no guard rails, and the clear back in most areas are gown in, it is a big hazard. So, while watching the road, I always had to keep an eye on the possible deer in the roadside brush.

Drivers in Nova Scotia are pretty good! They do understand the ' stay right except to pass'! Unlike many in the US! The conversion from mph to km does take some getting use to!

On the ferry tomorrow morning at 8:00am, then on to Blue Hill Maine for our last night before heading home! Long trip, fun trip! Bike is completely filthy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cabot Trail Day!

Full day on the Cabot Trail today. Started around 9am, enough time for the fog to lift. got some great pictures and video (but the video will be loaded when I get home).

Went counterclockwise, which keeps you on the outside, closer to the edge. I didn't realize how twisty and steep some of the climbs would be. The hard part was deciding what gear to have it in, power down steep hills to coast on the upside. Reminds me of route 89a south out of Jerome, only not so hot! Weather was great most of the day until mid afternoon. Climbing into the mountains puts you closer, sometimes in the clouds. Very quickly, it went from 'spittle' to torrential downpour! I actually got to use my new rainwear, although I wish it would have been another day to 'break it in'! You can see what we went through in the background. Once we got past the rain, it was back to a light weight jacket. Overall, it was a great day!

stopped by a Glassblower on the trail, to break up the ride.

And of course, some great costal pictures!


All in all, a great day for riding the Cabot Trail! Did stop by Costal Waters Restaurant. Great place Daniel! Picked up one of the shirts! Oh, ya, I haven't shaved the beard since the start of the trip...:)



Ruth and I ended the day back in Beddeck, NS. Next stop, back in Halifax for one day. Making our way back to the real world!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cabot Trail!

Trek from Halifax to Cape Breton, NS today. About 250 miles. Nice weather, all sun, no rain!


Landed in Beddeck, NS at at great cottage. Great water views, very comfortable.


Our view from the front porch with a little something to help relax!


A little wine for dinner, and we are ready for the Cabot Trail tomorrow! Weather forecast looks great.


A little over a 1000 miles. Timing between stops is working out great. Mid afternoon is a good time to land for the day. Time enough to check out the local town, unpack, relax, and unwind. Ready for the adventure of the next day!

Ruth is doing well with her first long distance bike ride!



Monday, July 2, 2012

Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Second day in Halifax. Quiet day. Yesterday was all the festivities of Canada Day and the city was crazy. Today, very quiet. Decided to give the bike a rest (and us)! Played the tourist today and explored the city. Went to the Nova Scotia International Tattoo this afternoon. Amazing show. It's always humbling to see how other countries display their country's pride. Here are some pictures, there are videos, but I can't seem to upload then using an iPad. General Dynamics Land Systems is a Gold Sponsor of the Tattoo.

Looking forward to getting on the road tomorrow! So far it's been about 850 miles, just about halfway. Heading to Beddeck tomorrow, about 4 hours total. Spending two days at a cabin on a lake.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!



Halifax stay, one day closer to the Cabot Trail!

Started the day with clear sky's, and visitors looking for breakfast. Barrington Passage is a sleepy little coastal town that set us up for our Halifax trek. Past Yarmouth to the south, is not billed as a 'tourist destination' but did fit our needs.

After a good breakfast (Ruth loved the French Toast!). After a full tank for all three of us(Ruth, myself, and the bike), we headed approx. 235 miles to Halifax. Along the way, we stopped to take a break.


Great sights along the way!


Got to Halifax about mid afternoon. A welcome change from Barrington Passage. As always, Marriottis a great destination after a long journey.

Ok, the casino was only to say I played here. Lost 20 bucks faster than the time it took to walk in!

Two days here in Halifax. Time to celebrate Canada Day! Fireworks in an hour and the Tattoo tomorrow. (No, boys, I'm ot getting one) it is part of the festivities of Canada Day. Tuesday, heading to Baddeck to ride the CabotTrail, can't wait!