Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cabot Trail Day!

Full day on the Cabot Trail today. Started around 9am, enough time for the fog to lift. got some great pictures and video (but the video will be loaded when I get home).

Went counterclockwise, which keeps you on the outside, closer to the edge. I didn't realize how twisty and steep some of the climbs would be. The hard part was deciding what gear to have it in, power down steep hills to coast on the upside. Reminds me of route 89a south out of Jerome, only not so hot! Weather was great most of the day until mid afternoon. Climbing into the mountains puts you closer, sometimes in the clouds. Very quickly, it went from 'spittle' to torrential downpour! I actually got to use my new rainwear, although I wish it would have been another day to 'break it in'! You can see what we went through in the background. Once we got past the rain, it was back to a light weight jacket. Overall, it was a great day!

stopped by a Glassblower on the trail, to break up the ride.

And of course, some great costal pictures!


All in all, a great day for riding the Cabot Trail! Did stop by Costal Waters Restaurant. Great place Daniel! Picked up one of the shirts! Oh, ya, I haven't shaved the beard since the start of the trip...:)



Ruth and I ended the day back in Beddeck, NS. Next stop, back in Halifax for one day. Making our way back to the real world!



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