Friday, July 6, 2012

Ferry ride back to the mainland tomorrow!

Catching up on two days! Didn't have much to update yesterday. We traveled back from Beddeck to Halifax in about 4 hour 1/2 hours. About 2 hours Into the trip it rained. We had already had the rain gear on so it wasn't much of an event. Just drop the mph down about 10 and cruise in to Halifax. Saryed at the westin this time. Wanted to try different accommodations at each stop. Back in Halifax Ruth needed her ice cream fix!

Also stopped by the Harley dealer inHalifax to get the t-shirt. Good thing I brought many cameras! Some didn't work as planned, another kept going through batteries. The camera we took the most pictures today was not the right format for the iPad, so I will upload them once we return.

Today we made the trek from Halifax to Digby. Ran into some Rain again for about 20 minutes. Just enough to be a slight bother, nothing more. Heard today that someone on the Cabot Trail died yesterday with a run in with a deer. With little to no guard rails, and the clear back in most areas are gown in, it is a big hazard. So, while watching the road, I always had to keep an eye on the possible deer in the roadside brush.

Drivers in Nova Scotia are pretty good! They do understand the ' stay right except to pass'! Unlike many in the US! The conversion from mph to km does take some getting use to!

On the ferry tomorrow morning at 8:00am, then on to Blue Hill Maine for our last night before heading home! Long trip, fun trip! Bike is completely filthy!

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