Monday, July 9, 2012

Heading back to the US

On our way to Digby to catch the ferry home, no trip to Nova Scotia is complete without a stop by Mahone Bay and Luenburg! Great little towns, somewhat touristy but in a quaint way.
The night before the ferry ride back to the US from Digby we stayed at a great little eclectic place just across the harbor from Digby so we could be on the 8:00am ride. The Hedley House is a nice place to end a day on a motorcycle. Very accommodating. The inn keeper, was this great woman that was very colorful and outgoing, a fun person to be around! I would recommend this place if you are looking for a stop over to get to other parts of the province.

   The morning getting ready to leave. (6:30), it was pouring rain! This is the view from the room looking across the harbor at Digby.

What a sendoff! Again, the inn keeper (I didn't get her name) was a gracious hostess and made a a small breakfast available at 6:45 for us. As I mentioned she is a 'fun' person, here it was 6:45am, down pouring rain outside, sitting in our rain gear, dark and dismal outside, and suddenly, from the kitchen area, a song comes on, loud and she is singing along with the music! It brought a smile to our face on such a dismal day!
The ferry ride was nice. Met other bikers and talked a bit about rides, where folks were from and just general banter.
After a almost 3 hour ride, Saint John NB was overcast but not raining.
Our trusty captain guided the ship in effortlessly!
According to the GPS the ferry moves at approx. 17 mph. I was disappointed that the GPS icon didn't change to a little ship, but oh well, maybe in the next upgrade!
The rest of the day was making our way back to the US and down to Blue Hill Maine to our final stop before heading home Sunday. The weather went from light rain, to very hot! If you thought New England weather changed quickly, Nova Scotia is on steroids in that department! All the while the bike was performing perfectly. 

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