Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Hill Maine

Back to the US and no more figuring out km/MPH, currency, and leaving well mannered drivers!
Meandering through the secondary roads of Maine was nice, but tiring. Always being aware of possible deer crossing the road kept the speed down. Although more tiring, the roads are filled with little country towns that pop out of nowhere. Here we found and antique sign shop!
And Ruth liking the front seat, oh, oh....

Finding our way to Blue Hill, the inn was perfect for a final 'on the road' stay. The B&B atmosphere was wonderful. Sarah was a perfect hostess and Blue Hill Maine is one of those little lakeside towns that are off the beaten path and that is exactly why folks like it.
On our way home Sunday, we stopped by the farm where the beef comes from for the restaurant at the B&B.
The owner is an avid biker himself, but no one was home. Did manage to get some pictures of the welcoming committee/visitor alarm!

Final riding day was long. Fighting traffic as we got closer to Boston was tough with all the holiday traffic heading back to Massachusetts. All in all, it was a great trip! All the hotels, B&B's, motels, cottages we stayed at was perfect for the exact part of the trip. Ruth and I met some wonderful people! 
Funny, how when you are on a motorcycle, people always seem to come over and talk. If we were in a car, it would have been so different. Maybe it seems motorcycle riders are more approachable. We had a great time and the total milage for the trip (door to door) was 2,215. Good primer trip for a cross country excursion! 

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